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Applications for a 24-Volt DC Motor

If you are in the market for a high-quality 24-volt DC motor, MET Motors is a trusted source. This company ranks among the best manufacturers of DC motors in the country. In addition to standard voltages, custom motors can be designed according to your specific application. For your company to succeed, you have to provide [...]

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Introduction to DC Motors

For operating machinery and equipment in a wide variety of industries and applications, DC motors are commonly used. When it comes to energy converters, these motors were among the first types. Initially, the majority of motors in service used DC voltage. This caused a problem since DC voltage cannot be generated and distributed over a [...]

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Operations of a Variable Speed Motor

A variable speed motor operates by placing an electromagnet in a magnetic field made by a permanent magnet. Constructed from steel or iron with wire wrapped around it going in one direction, the electromagnet turns the drive shaft, which then spins freely along a single axis. For electricity to be supplied to the wires from [...]

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Brief Overview of a 12v DC Motor

A DC motor is any motor within a class of electrical machines whereby direct current electrical power is converted into mechanical power. Most often, this type of motor relies on forces that magnetic fields produce. Regardless of the type, DC motors have some kind of internal mechanism, which is electronic or electromechanical. In both cases, [...]

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Benefits of a Solar Water Pump Motor

Available in 12- and 24-volt varieties, a solar water pump motor is used to power a pump that delivers water for irrigation, livestock, and drinking. Although many industries rely on a motor of this type, it tends to be most useful for community-based or small-scale irrigation since large-scale irrigation involves extremely high volumes of water [...]

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Efficient Control of a Pump System

One of the major benefits of a PMDC Motor has to do with the ability to adjust the speed. This is accomplished by simply varying the voltage applied to the armature. By integrating a feedback device within the system you can manipulate, maintain or verify speed. One application where this would be extremely beneficial would [...]

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Uses of DC Hydraulic Pump Motors in Minnesota

In virtually all industries, DC hydraulic pump motors are the workhorses. In steel milling, construction, mining, heavy equipment, machining, manufacturing, and more, these pumps play a critical role between failure and success. DC hydraulic pump motors in Minnesota and other parts of the country range from small to mega power packs, from mobile applications to [...]

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Purchasing 12-Volt DC Motors in Wisconsin

While it might seem as if all 12-volt DC motors available in Wisconsin are the same, the truth is that different materials are used and some companies provide customization. For example, Minnesota Electric Technology Inc., also known as MET Motors, offers high-quality motors designed and manufactured according to the customer’s exact specifications. […]

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