Electric Motors

The Electric Motor has been around for at least 150 years and was the backbone of the Second Industrial Revolution in America. At that time the Electric Motor began to replace the steam-powered machines as the main source of power in industry. Over the years, many people have made great improvements in the design and manufacture of Electric Motors, however, nobody has yet changed the Laws of Physics that cause an Electric Motor to operate.

MET Motors manufactures one of the four major classes of Electric Motors, the DC Motor. This class of motor runs off of direct current, supplied by battery power, solar power, or rectified AC power.

MET Electric Motors

There are four major classes of electric motors:

Advantages of DC electric motors:

  • It is easy to control the speed of DC motors.
  • The speed-torque characteristics of DC motors are easier to match to the load.
  • The smaller size of DC motors allows the manufacturer of the subsequent machine to have more design flexibility.
  • The machine using the DC electric motors can be mobile and use only battery power.
  • DC motors can be powered by solar panels.
  • DC motors can be easily reversed.
  • DC electric motors have a much higher starting torque for fast acceleration.

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