Design the motor for your application

You can use these pre-set formulas to quickly and accurately determine if your motor requirements match well with MET’s DC Motors.

These are some of the standard voltage ratings for motors that we manufacture. Please select the voltage closest to that which you have available in your application:

12 Volts     24 Volts     36 Volts     48 Volts     90 Volts

12 Volts DC Motor

We manufacture 12 Volt DC Motors based on detailed discussions with the customer of the specifications for each application. There is no additional cost involved for the motor design, but the performance is greatly enhanced over that of an “off-the-shelf” motor.

We produce motors from fractional horsepower up to 2 HP. Our motors range from 3.25” up to 6” in diameter. Our 12 Volt Motor is capable of speeds up to 5,000 RPM as required. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we can assist you in determining the performance characteristics of your 12 Volt Electric Motor. We can even take one of your present motors and perform tests on it to determine how we can improve your product with a MET motor. Let us know how we can help you.

A MET 12 Volt DC Motor is a low-voltage motor that is prepared custom to your company’s specific needs. We manufacture DC motors with speed control compatibility, which provide you with variable speeds. All of our Electric Motors have bi-directional and reversible capabilities. They are all of ball bearing construction and have heavy duty finishes. Special couplings and mountings are easy for us to provide. We supply 12VDC Motors to many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for a wide variety of products.

Sometimes a purchasing manager is given the task of sourcing a Permanent Magnet DC motor without being given all of the information needed. When this happens, we are willing to work directly with your engineers to develop the appropriate 12 Volt Electric Motor for you, given all of the necessary specifications. Just send us an email with their contact information and we will get started on a 12 Volt DC Motor that fits all of your needs.

Since 1969, Minnesota Electric Technology Inc., also known as MET Motors, has been a leading manufacture of American made, custom designed, reliable permanent magnet DC motors for Original Equipment Manufacturers internationally. MET DC motors are manufactured with NEMA, IEC, or custom mounting arrangements based on your company’s given needs. Our corporate headquarters is located in Mankato, Minnesota, and all of our motors are built at our manufacturing facility in Winnebago, MN. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery and high quality of our Permanent Magnet DC Motors. Give us a call at 507-389-4906 to speak with our Sales Engineers today.

In order to assure that the various components of the motor are produced appropriately for the application, our engineers are willing to work with you to draw-up a 12 Volt Motor. To better understand our 12VDC Motor and what to expect when purchasing, read our blog.

MET the Problem Solvers – quick deliveries

A long term customer of MET had an immediate spike in their sales. MET worked with suppliers and pulled in a future production quantity to provide this customer with motors to meet their requirements in one week. (Read more…)

12 Volt DC Applications


Are there other options than a 12 Volt DC Motor?

MET offers many types of DC motors all based on the company’s specific needs. We offer:

Our Sales Engineers can briefly talk with you and lead you in the right direction of what type of DC Motor will suit your company’s application the best.

How do I calculate my estimated current draw in amperes?​

The chart below will help you estimated amperes (amps) are needed for your company’s application. This will also give you an idea if you need a higher voltage motor. Feel free to contact our Sales Engineers as they will be able to help you with this concern.

HP 12 V 24 V 36 V 48 V
0.100 8 4 3 2
0.125 10 5 4 3
0.167 14 7 5 3
0.200 17 8 6 4
0.250 21 11 7 5
0.330 27 14 9 7
0.500 42 21 14 11
0.750 64 32 21 16
1.000 85 43 28 21
1.500 65 42 32
2.000 86 56 42
3.000 84 63