If you are in the market for a high-quality 24-volt DC motor, MET Motors is a trusted source. This company ranks among the best manufacturers of DC motors in the country. In addition to standard voltages, custom motors can be designed according to your specific application.

For your company to succeed, you have to provide your customers with an exceptional end product, otherwise, customers will turn to the competition. Therefore, every component of every product must be superior. For applications that rely on a 24-volt DC motor, MET Motors has the required expertise to create the perfect product. Remember, a superior end product will make your customers happy, which enhances your business reputation and ultimately boosts your profits.

Wide Range of Uses

Within almost every industry, a 24-volt DC motor is used for multiple applications. Below are just a few examples.

  • Automotive – A linear actuator converts the rotational motion of a low-voltage DC motor into linear motion using push/pull movements. The design includes a 24-volt DC motor, gear, spindle, and nut. This operates the adjustable seats and adjustable mirrors. Windshield wipers use a gear motor directly.
  • Building and Real Estate – Among these competitive industries, a DC Motor is used for entrance security gates, automatic door openers, parking ramp barrier gates, and elevator doors.
  • Electronics – To ensure a computer’s components do not overheat due to long periods of use, a 24-volt DC motor operates the internal fan. A fan will increase a computer’s operating life and ensure reliable performance.
  • Personal Use Products – Several personal use products also rely on a high-quality 24-volt DC motor. Examples of these include home copy/printer machine, hair dryer, footbath, and stick massager.
  • Healthcare – Within the healthcare industry there are many applications that depend on a 24-volt DC motor. One such application is the control of automatic doors for cold storage and clean rooms.