Successful Re-shoring
How does a US manufacturer compete with off-shore sources of cheap motors? The answer is to deliver what they cannot; responsiveness, delivery and stocking flexibility, accelerated prototype builds, proprietary products, focused customer service, reliable and robust designs and the confidence of products built in America!

Their Concerns Are Not Our Concerns
While off-shoring may sometimes look interesting because of pricing, it does not provide the best value. The overseas manufacturer’s goal is to win based solely on price. Our goal at MET Motors is to provide a product and experience that the customer wishes to repeat. The end customer’s reputation is at stake along with our future business.

Integrity and Customer Commitment
One thing that we have in common with customers is that we both want to be successful now and in the future. That common interest is motivation to work toward solutions that will meet customer needs. You have to be “all ears” to know what is important to them. The “best value” provides dependable deliveries, short lead times, minimal shipping costs, simple logistics, border free tariffs and taxes, optimal communication and prompt service.

American Made isn’t always associated with the lowest price, but it is always identified with high quality. That leaves us all with one final question. Wherever a company may be sourcing product, one has to ask: “Where is the best value?”