If you are interested in purchasing American Made Permanent Magnet DC Motors, it is imperative that you buy from the best. MET Motors is currently ranked as one of the industry leaders with more than 45 years of solid experience. Top-notch sales engineers work with customers to better understand their specifications and applications, allowing for a superior motor to be designed and built.

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Operating Principles

As with all motors, there are many specific design and operating principles involved. Some examples of these principles for Permanent Magnet DC Motors are provided below:

• Force is generated when current flows in an inductor placed in a magnetic field.

• Force generated in a conductor in a magnetic field is determined by the magnetic flux vector, current flowing in the conductor, length of the conductor, and mechanical force vector.

• This force generates torque in a rotary motor, which is determined by the number of conductors, current flowing in the conductor, average winding radius, effective conductor length, rotor torque, and magnetic flux.

• Voltage is generated by any conductor that moves in a magnetic field.

• A rotary motor produces the back EMF, which is determined by the number of conductors, effective conductor length, radius, angular velocity, induced voltage, and magnetic flux vector.

• By adding a mechanical commutator in permanent magnet motors, a brush PMDC motor is developed.

Because so much goes into the design and build of Permanent Magnet DC Motors, only a respected and trusted source like MET Motors should be considered. Having highly skilled engineers create your motor specifically for your application ensures outstanding and reliable operation.

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