MET the Problem Solvers – Short Lead Times

Often when a company is designing a new product, most of the preliminary engineering work is concentrated in the design of what the product can do for its customers. The engineering team obviously needs to design the final product before they can determine the specifications for the prime mover – the motor.  At this point in the development, everything is now ready except for the motor. Time becomes important for the launch of the new product.

Sometimes, because of the time pressure, the engineers will source an off-the-shelf motor just to finalize the product design. They plan on changing the motor performance at a later date to improve the product, but they feel that this is good enough for the new product launch.

Sometimes this may work.

Not everybody in the company, however, may be interested in making product design changes so soon after coming out with a new product. The initial enthusiasm of the new product is consumed on a not-quite-ready design, allowing competitors an opening.

MET Motors understands the importance of quick delivery of special designed motors for our customer’s new products. We make every effort to design a motor for your application’s specific needs with as short of a lead time as possible. We have done this many times and would appreciate an opportunity to work with you. Please call us at (800) 373-3166.