What do Sesame Street, the Woodstock festival, and the Apollo 11 moon landing all have in common with MET Motors? We are all celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. How time flies!

MET Motors started out with just two customers, one in floor cleaning equipment and the other in outdoor activities. They are both still customer of ours. That is what we call long term customer satisfaction.

When we started out 50 years ago, our focus was then, and still is today, in providing the highest quality DC motors. Quality always shows up in the product itself, but it is also stands out in customer service, short lead-times, on time delivery, and helping solve design problems for customers’ products.

Where do we go from here? Is there another 50 years in our future? If we continue to provide excellent products and dedicated customer service to our present and potential customers, the future looks prosperous for all of us.