Minnesota Electric Technology, Inc., also called MET Motors, is a leading manufacturer of 3.2-, 3.6-, and 6-inch diameter permanent magnet variable speed electric motors for OEM customers throughout the world. The company offers more than 45 years of experience in the business of designing and building superior motors for multiple applications.

Motor Overview

The technology used in a variable speed electric motor can be compared to that of a light dimmer switch. This type of motor’s speed can be adjusted according to application and specification similar to a dimmer switch being adjusted to create more or less light. Due to the variability of performance, this type of motor is more precise, making it the perfect solution for multiple advanced applications.

As with most manufacturers, MET Motors considers the variable speed electric motor a premium product offering. For applications where speed modulation is necessary, this type of motor is ideal. The speed is controlled by the user when the motor is used in conjunction with a motor control. Along with different diameters, variable speed electric motors from MET Motors are rated from fractional horsepower up to 2 horsepower.


Depending on programming options, a variable speed electric motor is typically more sophisticated and, therefore, used for equipment with communicating control systems. Some of the common applications include:

  • Air Handlers
  • Fan and Blower Drives
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment
  • Furnaces
  • Grinders and Polishers
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pumps
  • Mobile Cameras
  • Salt and Sand Spreaders
  • Saw Drives

Based on its superior custom design, a variable speed electric motor built by MET Motors will offer the features that the customer finds the most important. Regardless of the industry or application for which the end product is used, this type of motor is inherently more efficient, runs cooler, offers flexibility, and is extremely reliable.

For a company to make money, a high-quality product has to reach and satisfy their customers. If manufacturing production slows down because of supplier delivery problems, or even worse, comes to a complete stop, the number of unhappy customers begins to increase. Within a short amount of time, the manufacturer’s reputation is impacted and profits dwindle. By choosing to have a custom variable speed electric motor designed and built by MET Motors, companies can feel confident in the product’s reliability and can avoid critical logistic issues.