Design the motor for your application

You can use these pre-set formulas to quickly and accurately determine if your motor requirements match well with MET’s DC Motors.

These are some of the standard voltage ratings for motors that we manufacture. Please select the voltage closest to that which you have available in your application:

12 Volts     24 Volts     36 Volts     48 Volts     90 Volts

DC Hydraulic Pump Motors

If you are looking for a 12 Volt Hydraulic Pump Motor we can help you. We manufacture all of our 12 Volt Pump Motors to your application’s specifications. Our motor turns the electrical power from your battery into mechanical power to rotate your pump. This pump then produces the hydraulic pressure that runs your power distribution system. We manufacture 12V Hydraulic Pump Motors rated from fractional horsepower all the way up to 2 HP. Our motors’ diameters go from 3.3” up to 6.0”. Our 12 Volt Motor is capable of speeds up to 5,000 RPM as required. If you don’t know the exact performance characteristics of your application, we can assist you in specifying your 12 Volt Electric Hydraulic Pump Motor.

The experienced sales engineers at MET can special design a 12V Electric Hydraulic Pump Motor for your application at no extra charge. This low-voltage motor is prepared custom to your company’s specific needs. All of our motors are manufactured with speed control compatibility, which can provide you with variable speeds to fine tune your pump allowing operation at the most efficient level.

They all have ball bearing construction with heavy duty finishes. We can easily provide you with special couplings and mountings to facilitate your installation and reduce costs. We supply a custom designed 12 Volt Hydraulic Pump Motor to many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for a wide variety of products. These custom designed motors are then supplied only to that original customer.

Many applications have a 24 volt battery source, especially for over the road applications. MET Motors can custom design these same high quality motors to run on 24 volts, 36 volts or any other voltage that you require up to 180 volts. Some of our customers purchase a motor for their 12 Volt Hydraulic Pumps and also the identical motor to run in their 24 volt systems. Other customers purchase 90 volt motors and an identically designed motor that runs only on 180 volts. Just let us know what your Electric Hydraulic Pump requirements are and we will work with you. If you would like to send us your application specification, we will be glad to provide you a quote with no obligation on your part.

MET the Problem Solvers – above and beyond

A customer was expecting the delivery of motors for their next day’s production. The freight company that the customer had designated did not make the pickup. MET Motors used their own truck to deliver the motors in time.

DC Hydraulic Pump Motors

We at Minnesota Electric Technology manufacture many different motors for mobile hydraulic systems. Our MET 12V Hydraulic Pump Motor takes the voltage and current from the battery supply and converts them into speed and torque at the shaft output. Your pump, (gear, vane, or piston) then takes these inputs and transforms them into pressure and flow for the enclosed system. When needed, your hydraulic cylinders and/or hydraulic motors (your system’s actuators) can then utilize this hydraulic power to provide speed and torque to perform the necessary work. See our blog for more information.

The highest efficiency for this 12 Volt Pump system can be achieved by working together on the complete design from the beginning. Give us a call at (800) 373-3166 and we will be glad to work with you at any stage of your development.

Sometimes you may have an ongoing application that needs a different motor. This could be because of quality problems with the present motor, cost concerns, delivery problems with an overseas supplier, or motor performance problems in the system. You can send us one of your present motors and we will be glad to test it and help you pinpoint where your problems may lie. We can then provide you with a prototype motor for you to test in your system to measure the improvement.

Here at MET we are more than happy to help you design the perfect motor for your application. Give us a call today.

MET Motors manufactures Permanent Magnet DC motors. Give us a call at 507-389-4906 or send us an email at [email protected].