Products made in the USA can compete with cheap products made in Asia and imported here. The way to do this is to provide services that the overseas manufacturers cannot provide. We can provide quick responses to increased needs or design changes. We are flexible in stocking motors and delivering with short lead-times. Small quantity deliveries do not incur huge shipping charges. Our designs are built solid with the highest quality standards. We provide customer service such that when we say “yes” we really do mean “yes”.

MET Looks to Become Your Long Term Supplier

Some people look at the pricing of the cheap motor imports and use price as their only criteria for purchasing motors. They don’t look at other benefits that come with purchasing motors Made in America. MET’s goal is not to just make a one-time sale, but to form a lasting relationship with our customers over many decades. We have many customers who have been buying motors from us for over 30 or 40 years. As an example, our very first customer of 50 years ago is still a large customer of ours today.