While it might seem as if all 12-volt DC motors available in Wisconsin are the same, the truth is that different materials are used and some companies provide customization. For example, Minnesota Electric Technology Inc., also known as MET Motors, offers high-quality motors designed and manufactured according to the customer’s exact specifications.

For more than 45 years, MET Motors has been a leader in the industry. The company has a reputation for manufacturing custom-designed and high-performance permanent magnet DC motors for OEMs around the world. All motors are manufactured in the United States and backed with an outstanding warranty.

What to Expect When Buying

When purchasing 12-volt DC motors in Wisconsin, you should expect a product that is extremely flexible regardless of industry or application. For example, the motor can be used to operate hydraulic pumps, solar-powered motors, water pumps, forklifts, ergonomic lifting carts, and much more.

As for MET Motors, three different sizes are offered: 3.3-, 3.6-, and 6-inch motors. In addition, all of the company’s DC motors are rated from mere fractional horsepower up to 3 horsepower. When buying from MET Motors, a customer can expect a superior product designed according to exact need.

DC Motor Operation

A 12-volt DC motor converts direct current into mechanical energy. As part of their design, the motors contain an armature capable of carrying the rated current. This armature connects to the supply end via commutator segments and brushes. To ensure customers purchase the right DC motors, the engineers who design and manufacture them must have a sound understanding of this principle.

Rather than offer customers a cookie-cutter solution, the process of purchasing 12-volt DC motors in Wisconsin always starts by talking to the customer. By better understanding the customer’s industry, application, and end product, the engineers with MET Motors can then develop a working plan for an exceptional finished product.

After design and manufacturing, the product is tested to ensure it meets strict customer, company, and industry standards. When complete, 12-volt DC motors produced by MET Motors are of tremendous value in the end product that reaches consumers.