MET the Problem Solvers – Special Designs

Each manufacturing company has its own philosophy about serving their customers and potential customers.

Some sales departments may try to just sell what they have on hand. They make the customer choose from a listing of products that are already manufactured. They claim that “close enough is good enough”.

Other sales departments may try to sell only their products that fit in the potential customer’s exact application. If there is anything extra that the customer needs, they just say that it is not available.

Still others, especially overseas manufacturers, will tell the customer whatever they think that the customer wants to hear. “Yes, we can do that.” “Yes, that will work.” Yes, we can deliver that.”

AT MET Motors, our Sales Engineers look at each application from the customer’s point of view. We start by finding out in great detail what the customer wants. We then work with them to determine what the application really needs, which is sometimes different from the original request. In working closely with the customer, we can sometimes help them come up with a package that was different from the original design, but has improved efficiency and / or lower total cost of ownership.

If you have an application that requires any kind of flexibility from your motor supplier, give us an opportunity to work with you. Please call us at (800) 373-3166.