MET the Problem Solvers – Kanban setups

There are two modern manufacturing approaches that appear to be conflicting. With the first one, companies want to maintain as little inventory in house as possible. With the second one, companies want to ship to their customers with very short lead times. Both of these are important in today’s marketplace, but at first glance they seem incompatible.

At MET Motors we understand the importance of both approaches to our customers’ operations. We sit down with our customers and try to understand the individual challenges that they face in their market.

Together we can work out a plan to address our customer’s needs. Sometime we can set up a Kanban program for them with certain products being of larger volume than others. We can set up six-month or yearly blanket orders with flexible ship dates. There are times that a projected production schedule with weekly or biweekly updates can do the job. Other times we can stock some intermittent parts to facilitate short notice deliveries.

Whatever the plan that we devise together, we maintain our flexibility just in case circumstances change. Let us discuss your delivery challenges so that we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please call us at (800) 373-3166.