Many industries depend on DC Motors. In the decades before the DC Motor was refined, their use was limited. Today many different applications are heavily dependent on these motors within a multitude of industries. Because the quality of a motor has a direct impact on the end product, it is essential to work with a company that has solid experience and knowledge in making DC Motors.

For OEMs throughout the world, one of the best companies for manufacturing a DC Motor is Minnesota Electric Technology, Inc., also referred to as MET Motors. For over 45 years, this company has been providing customers with exceptional products.

DC Motor Design and Customization

The reach that MET Motors has is quite impressive. This company specializes in Permanent Magnet DC Motors, known as PMDC Motors, which offer tremendous advantages. Some advantages of PMDC Motors include: portability by using a battery power source, high starting torque, operated bi-directionally, designed for variable speed with excellent speed control, and unrivaled reliability.

MET Motors excels above other motor companies because our sales engineers work directly with you to precisely match your application requirements. In this way you end up with a motor that is flawless in your application. When the actual load is matched to the design, the motor will perform to its finest.

As just one example, if a DC Motor is run at a lower load than originally designed, its lifespan decreases. The same is true if a motor runs at a higher load than designed, since excess heat is created. Either one of these situations can cause premature motor failure, which means that your product has failed in your customer’s eyes. Allowing our company to match our motor to your application’s profile ensures a long-lasting motor with superior performance, which make your customers happy, too.

Along with quality materials and outstanding workmanship, matching the design of DC Motors to the exact application is critical. To ensure that all your requirements are addressed, MET Motors has a team of highly skilled engineers who can test any motor that you currently use to determine its exact performance. Based on this outcome, a new motor design can be created to improve upon your present motor’s performance that will enhance your end product.